Shipa Cloud with Your Minikube Cluster

Getting Started with Shipa Cloud

Once you have signed up for Shipa Cloud, you can login to Shipa Cloud and start on your Shipa journey.

Wiring Your Kubernetes Cluster to Shipa Cloud

Allowing Shipa Cloud to start to manage your Kubernetes Cluster [in this minukube], you will need a few pieces of authentication from your minikube instance. Shipa Cloud will need an accessible address to your cluster, a Kubernetes authentication token, and CA Certificate.

Public URL — ngrok

If you run the cluster-info command on your local minukube instance, you will get a local to your network address if you are like myself.

Kubernetes Auth Token

Creating an authorization token based off a Kubernetes role is straightforward. The Shipa Documentation for connecting a cluster gives the needed manifest to create the role and base the token off of.

Adding the Cluster

Once you have the three needed pieces, you can add the cluster to Shipa Cloud.



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