Edge Delta Developer Quickstart

Getting Started with Edge Delta

A few pieces to get started with Edge Delta, you can sign up for a free trial account on their SaaS.

A Sample Kubernetes Workload

Leveraging a local Kubernetes cluster such as minikube or k3d is a good way to run an example or your very own workload. In this example, let’s leverage minikube. If you don’t have minikube, on a Windows machine, you can use Chocolatey to install, or if using a Mac, Homebrew.

Connecting Your Kubernetes Cluster to Edge Delta

To get started with Edge Delta, the first item is to create a Configuration to represent the Kubernetes Agent.

Diving in with Edge Delta

Back in the Edge Delta SaaS, after a few moments of collecting data, you can see what has been captured and starting to be analyzed. On the Observability Overview, you can start to see log data streaming in.

Looking Forward with Edge Delta

Like any observability toolset, there are certainly a lot of options to take a look at. From very established vendors in the space to even cloud vendors trying to cannibalize everything in their ecosystem. Take Edge Delta for a spin yourself. Take a look at their documentation to get a better feel of what Edge Delta would look like in your environment.



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